30 for 40: Time

Time. Can you spare any? No? Yeah, me either.


thx, GIPHY


Sure, we all chuckled at “Sorry for the delayed response.” It was funny. Familiar. Relatable. I read it on the toilet while I most assuredly could’ve been catching up on email from real people. Didn’t you?

Here I am on #2 of a supremely hopeful series of 30 (30?!), and already I can’t find the time. Simply lost it. Am always losing track of it. So, yes, I suffer from chronic busyness. Chances are, you do, too. I’ve flipped through the life hacks and think pieces on it, only to get caught up in the next thing. It’s not ADD or ADHD scrambling my concentration, it’s GAD, and this past year has been extremely illuminating in terms of my mental and physical health—more on that later.

I miss writing. I miss reading, too. This “series” (it deserves the scare quotes two posts in) is in part a forced exercise at getting back on the writing wagon. Now, I’m off to find the damn time.

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